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Contract tracing

Sign into the facility using the Government COVID-19 Tracer App. If you do not have the app a Venue Supervisor or Canterbury Hockey staff member will need to sign you in.

Playing/Training Guidelines

COVID-19 Level 2 Requirements – Athletes

Individuals can only train and play by following the below requirements.


You MUST avoid training and games if you are unwell, have any COVID-19 symptoms or have been instructed too self-isolate.

Access to turf

  • Enter facility 15mins prior to training or game time and vacate facility 5mins after the finish of training or game.
  • Access your designated turf as per entry instructions.
  • Changing rooms will be closed – please come to the grounds ready to play or train.

Contract tracing

Sign into the facility using the Government COVID-19 Tracer App. At Games if you do not have the app you will need to find a Venue Supervisor or Canterbury Hockey staff member to sign you in manually. At Trainings ensure your Coach/Manager keeps a record of anyone in the team who does not have the app and attends.


  • You must wash your hands before coming to training or a game, and again afterwards.
  • You must use hand sanitizer on entry to the facility and again when exiting.
  • You must refrain from touching your face and other public surfaces whenever possible.
  • Do NOT spit at any time.


  • Do not physically touch any shared training equipment (e.g. balls, cones etc.). This will be handled by coaches/managers or an appointed athlete (if no coach/manager is present).
  • Please do not share bibs throughout the session.
  • Please keep your mouth guard in your mouth and refrain from touching it throughout training or games.
  • Do not share PCD facemasks or any other equipment.
  • Do not share drink bottles or use team drink bottle carriers.
  • No handshakes, high-fives etc. Post-game celebrations should involve no physical contact.

Social Distancing

On turf – full contact hockey is permitted during activity, otherwise avoid close contact when possible (i.e. warm-up, team discussions etc.).

Off turf – social distancing rules apply (including dugouts, carparks, entry points etc.).

Post Training/Game

If no coach/manager is present, please spray and wipe dugout surfaces with supplied cleaning materials before leaving.


No spectators will be allowed inside fences at Nunweek Park, parents are encouraged to drop off athletes, or to stay in the car.

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