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Our Committees

Our committees offer operational support to Canterbury Hockey in administering their respective areas. They provide a vital role in assisting with the delivery of our sport. Committees are of a voluntary nature, but crucial to the continued development of the game in the Canterbury region. Should you have any questions or issues about the respective areas covered by our committees, please contact our office directly.

Advisory Committees 

Competitions - Kerry Dyson (Chair), Deidre Cummings, John Drummond, Sam Grimshaw (CHA), Lyndsay Jones, Joe Piggott, John Turner

Junior - Amanda Surridge (Chair), Matt Cunningham, Sarah Hey, Joe Piggott (CHA), Tony Shaw, Janelle McKellow 

Masters - Murray Tasker (Chair), Wendy Fitzgerald, Sarah Handley, Jan McDonald, Martin Perry, Dick Pettet, Carolyn Turner

Umpires - Nick Saunders (Chair), Brodie Greenfield, Sam Grimshaw (CHA), Ashley Kelland, Rachel Murphy, Angela Reimer, Wayne Sleeman

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