U13 Extension Programme

U13 Extension Programme

Following Hockey New Zealand’s recent Strategy Delivery Review, it was determined that from 2021 there would no longer be national tournaments for representative age group teams below the national Under 18 tournaments.

Instead of running national tournaments, associations have been tasked with providing quality development focused opportunities that reach a broad base of participants, are fun, affordable, and focused on skill development and progression. In line with these recommendations, Canterbury Hockey are excited to implement the 2021 Canterbury Hockey Under 13 and 15 Extension Programmes.

For further information about why we are delivering our ‘Extension Programme’s instead of age group representative teams, please refer to the ‘WHY Under 13 and 15 Changes 2021 document. Please CLICK HERE to view this document.

Programme Purpose:

Provide an inclusive development opportunity that extends year 7&8 (under 13) athletes, and coaches and umpires of this age group, beyond the experiences they receive in club/school hockey

Programme Objectives:

  • Provide participants with a high-quality development focused experience that they will enjoy.
  • Capture a large pool of participants and support them to reach their potential.
  • Develop targeted principles and concepts that will benefit participants long term development.


Open registration for year 7&8 athletes who want to participate in a development programme that aims to extend them beyond their club and school playing experiences. Athletes must meet the below criteria:

  • Must be Year 7&8 at school.
  • Must play for a club or school team entered in Canterbury Hockey’s winter competitions.
  • Must have a minimum of at least 1 year playing experience for a club/school team.

If you do not fit the above criteria and would like to enquire about registering, please contact Canterbury Hockey.

Coaches - Open registration for coaches coaching in this or a similar age group. Please CLICK HERE for more information and coach registration.  

Umpires - Open registration for Umpires umpiring in the junior 7-a-side or junior 11-a-side age groups. Please CLICK HERE for more information and umpire registrations


Phase 1: Development Camp – Monday 12 July – Wednesday 14 July (1st week of July School Holidays) It is expected for the first two days of the camp players will attend either a morning or an afternoon slot between 9:00am to 4:00pm. Day three will be run over a full day. 

Phase 2: Festival Event – Friday 27 August – Sunday 29* August (*Dates dependent on athlete and team numbers)


Phase 1: Approximately $100.00. This will cover a training shirt, turf hire, training gear, coach and umpire development/support and administration-based costs. If payment is an issue please contact Canterbury Hockey directly. 

The final cost will be determined once we have a better indication of registration numbers. It is our intent to make the programme as cost effective as possible.

Phase 2: Costs will be determined following phase 1.

Phase 1 Detail:

  • 3-day development camp that will consist of a mixture of training and match play.
  • Targeted development focus – Technical skills, tactical concepts, character traits.
  • Day 1 & 2 split into morning and afternoon groups. Day 3 match play mini tournament.

Phase 2 Detail:

  • 2-3 day festival event.
  • Mid & South Canterbury Associations to take part in the festival. 
  • *More details to be announced.

For Frequently Asked Questions about the U13 & U15 Extension Programme please CLICK HERE.

For any questions please contact: co-ordinator@canterburyhockey.org.nz

Registration has now closed.

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