U13 Extension Programme Module 1

U13 Extension Programme Module 1

Module 1 will take place during the July school holidays over a three-day period. The module will include a mixture of skill development and game play. Participants will be exposed to high-quality coaching to develop targeted technical and tactical principles that will benefit their long-term development. For the game play element, players will be assigned to teams to partake in a hockey 5’s festival.

Module 2 will be delivered during August/September. This module will incorporate several weekly training sessions focusing on skill and tactical development. Participants will be allocated to teams, that will participate in a Regional Festival event which will include games against teams from Mid Canterbury and South Canterbury. For this event Year 7 teams will play 7-a-side and Year 8 will play 11-a-side.  

Programme Purpose:

Provide an inclusive development opportunity that extends year 7&8 (under 13) athletes, and coaches and umpires associated with this age group.


Programme Objectives:

  • Incorporate all interested athletes, coaches, and umpires, into a high-quality development focused programme that is distinctly different from club and school hockey experiences
  • Provide an enjoyable experience that encourages participants and supporters to connect with others in the wider hockey community.
  • Develop targeted technical and tactical principles and concepts that will benefit participants long term development. 
  • Ensure athlete welfare and workload is managed effectively.


Open registration for year 7&8 athletes who want to participate in a development programme that aims to extend them beyond their club and school playing experiences. Athletes must meet the below criteria:

  • Must be Year 7&8 at school.
  • Must play for a club or school team entered in Canterbury Hockey’s winter competitions.
  • Must have a minimum of at least 1 year playing experience for a club/school team.

If you do not fit the above criteria and would like to enquire about registering, please contact Canterbury Hockey.

Coaches - Open registration for coaches coaching in this or a similar age group.

Umpires - Open registration for coaches coaching in this or a similar age group.

Programme Detail:

Phase 1 Detail:

  • 3-day development camp that will consist of a mixture of training and match play.
  • Targeted development focus – Technical skills, tactical concepts, character traits.
  • Day 1 & 2 split into morning and afternoon groups (will likely be by gender, dependent on numbers registered). On these days all groups will have a mixture of skill training sessions and hockey 5’s games. Day 3 will be all match play, hockey 5’s games.
  • Block timing’s TBC once numbers are confirmed but likely – 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm.


Module 1: Skill development and hockey 5’s festival – Tuesday 11th July – Thursday 13th July (second week of July School Holidays).

Module 2: Start date TBC for team trainings – concludes with Regional Festival Event – Friday 6th October – Sunday 8th October. (Registrations for module two will take place separately, late July/early August)


Registrations for Module 1 and Module 2 will be completed separately (Module 2 registration process will take place at the end of July).

All registrations will be completed using Play HQ. 

Registrations for Module 1 open Monday 29th May.

For any questions please contact: joe@canterburyhockey.org.nz

Athlete registrations for Module 1 close – 9:00am Wednesday 21st June 2023 ($25 late registration fee).

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