Umpire Coaching and Expectations

Umpire Coaching and Expectations

Umpire Coach Resource

The THINK MOVE COMMUNICATE template is used to break down the three key pillars of umpiring and umpire coaching and highlights the specific areas for each umpire to focus depending on the ability level of the umpire THINK MOVE COMMUNICATE Template.docx

Next is the Umpire REVIEW tool which is a great document and process to help umpire coaches facilitate discussion and learning opportunities with the umpire they are working with Umpire REVIEW Tool.doc

Junior umpire coach guidelines is the next document which help describe the type of person you need to be when working with younger umpires. Building positive rapport with the umpires you work with is key and having a positive inclusive approach is paramount Junior Umpire Coach Guidelines.docx 

The Canterbury Hockey Umpire Community is continually striving to develop and upskill its umpires at all levels. Below are the set of expectations, created by members of the umpire community themselves, which set the standards of behavior, professionalism and development that our community look to achieve. Click here to download the PDF of our umpire expectations Umpire Expectations.pdf

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