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Fun Sticks

Fun Sticks will see a new focus on individuals foundational movement and motor skill development, helping build a young persons physical literacy preparing them for a life of sport. The programme will be based on the Hockey NZ module, with adjustments made to increase the individual development focus. 

Fun Sticks is an 12 week hockey programme run during term 2 and 3, designed for children aged 5-6 years (school Year 1&2). 

The programme is run through our clubs, so get in touch with your local club to learn more. 


  • An introduction to hockey with an emphasis on having fun
  • An opportunity to develop fundamental skills - running, dodging, striking
  • A positive and quality coaching environment
  • Full involvement for all participants
  • Regular changes of activities to maintain enthusiasm and interest
  • A safe environment for all activities

Hockey New Zealand’s guidelines outlined in the ‘Fun Sticks Manual’ – CLICK HERE for an online version.

Belgian Football approach to junior development – we encourage all Fun Sticks programme leads to read this interesting article from the Balance is Better website about Belgian Footballs programme – CLICK HERE. The key theme – make things as simple as possible and consider 2v2 or 3v3 games for athletes this age!

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