Kia Kori Waitaha

Kia Kori Waitaha

Kia Kori Waitaha is an initiative aimed at getting our young people active in ways that are fun and specifically designed for them. It is the result of a collaboration between 4 sport entities (Canterbury Cricket, Touch Canterbury, Canterbury Hockey and Squash Canterbury) along with the Northwest Collective of community trusts, networks and organisations to face the issue of the lack of physical activity among young people and the gap in opportunities to engage in non-formal sport.

Lead by participation activators, this programme is run in schools, holiday programmes, community groups and events to deliver play opportunities. Specifically, this program targets those that typically miss out on these opportunities, whether that be from family circumstances, financial barriers or awareness of how to be active. The programme includes a range of activities such as modified/structured games, relays, free play and activities such as tug-of-war and swing ball, the goal is to provide something fun for everyone. Our connections with a variety of sporting bodies also means we can support children to engage with sporting clubs and organisations in their local area, should they express a desire to.

June 2021 Update

The Kia Kori Waitaha programme is continuing to grow, with 6 new schools joining the programme for the second half of term 2.

Shirley Intermediate, Cotswold, Waimairi, Redwood, Bishopdale and Harewood join the 10 existing schools who have been engaging in the programme throughout terms 1 and 2. These new schools are finding a range of ways to incorporate our programme to meet each of their needs. These include Redwood Primary, who are incorporating the programme as part of their Junior ‘Discovery Time’, Shirley Intermediate, who are utilizing it as a leadership opportunity for their Sport Leaders during lunchtimes and a number of schools utilising the programme during lunchtimes. Shirley Intermediate, Cotswold and Waimairi schools are also offering our programme as an alternative to competitive Hagley sport.

These new schools give us an exciting opportunity to build relationships with more people in our community. This gives us a greater scope to provide young people with skills and opportunities to engage in life-long play. The response from these schools has been fantastic, with students excited to see us arrive and teachers and staff grateful for our involvement and keen to see how else we can support their school.

In addition to these new schools, we’ve also been involved in some after school and youth programmes on a weekly basis. These include the ICONZ boys and girls development programmes, Papanui Youth Development high school hang-out and Shirley’s afterschool KidZone.

Cotswold tug of war. 

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