Our Teams - Masters

Our Teams - Masters

The Canterbury Hockey Association has a strong community of hockey players who continue to enjoy playing competitive hockey beyond senior level. The cream of the crop represent Canterbury each March at the National Masters Tournament.

Canterbury sends a range of teams, in both the men's and women's competitions, across the age groups (35+ to 60+) to the National Masters Tournament.

2022 New Zealand Masters Tournament  

The 2022 New Zealand Masters Competition tournament will be in Tauranga from Sunday 20 February until Saturday 26 February 2022.

At this stage, Canterbury Hockey will be entering teams in the following age groups:

Women: Over 35s, over 40s, over 45s, over 50s, over 55s and over 60s.

Men: Over 35s, over 40's, over 50s, over 55s, over 60s, over 65s.

For information on the 2022 Masters Tournament, click here.

Congratulations to all who trialed or who were successful either making a team or squad.

2022 Tauranga Masters Tournament Team Management

Women's 35Chris Errington
Anna Hood
Women's 40
Howie Wilson
Claire Brocket
Women's 45

Richard Munt

Lyn "Ruggie" Steele

Women's 50
Lee MuntWendy Fitzgerald
Women's 55
Anna Morgan
Joanne Dodge
Women's 60
Dick Pettet
Ann Harper
Men's 35Rob Ecclestone
Shane Maddaford
Men's 40Mark Paterson
Damian Eveleigh
Men's 50
Richard Shepherd

Men's 55

Janette Philp
Men's 60
Robin Wilson
Kay Robertson
Men's 65
Tim Crump
Rhonda Henderson

2022 Tauranga Masters Tournament Teams/Squads Announcement

Womens 35's - Named

Men's 35's - Named
Lisa WatsonPlayer
Sunjay GandaPlayer
Tania MannPlayer
Shane MaddafordPlayer/Manager
Sarah O'ConnellPlayer
Aaron FordPlayer
Emma (Trotty) TrottPlayer
Gareth GreenfieldPlayer
Katrina SmithPlayer
Greg WilsonPlayer
Kathryn (Hoops) Dill-RussellPlayer
Craig Ritani (Player of Association) Player
Anna HoodPlayer / Manager
Richie ChynowethPlayer
Naomi WellsPlayer
Howie WilsonPlayer
Nadia WagenerPlayer
Jordan MoorePlayer
Jo McKenziePlayer
Jonathan PoochPlayer
Linda DrummondPlayer
Cam MoorePlayer
Kelly NicholsonPlayer
Garren FyfePlayer
Jess Gilby-ToddPlayer
Rod RzepeckyPlayer
Carli EvansPlayer
Jason GilbertPlayer
Amy McGrannachanPlayer
Adrian Smith Player
Colby WarrenPlayer
Brad Shaw  Player
Brigid BuckleyPlayer
Rob EcclestoneCoach
Chris ErringtonCoach

Womens 40's - Named

Mens 40's - Named
Toni LubbersPlayer
Gavin AtkinsonPlayer
Mireille NelPlayer
Andy BarlowPlayer
Rachelle CrausePlayer
Ben Chorley (Angel)Player
Michelle VannPlayer
Steve ChristensenPlayer
Cindy CrewPlayer
Graeme CrothersPlayer
Charlotte HayPlayer
Glen EllisPlayer
Katie MurchiePlayer
Damian EveleighPlayer / Manager
Jenny WattersPlayer
Chris FurmingerPlayer
Louise CookPlayer
Tom GloverPlayer
Rosanna CarletonPlayer
Alastair GrievePlayer
Claire BrocketPlayer / Manager
Jeremy InnesPlayer
Anna PethigPlayer
Gary LangleyPlayer
Roberta ThomsonPlayer
Mark PatersonPlayer / Coach
Jo KiddPlayer
Matt RentoulPlayer
Rebecca HooperPlayer
Mike RusbatchPlayer
Howie WilsonCoach
Hamish WatsonPlayer

Womens 45's - Named

Men's 50's team
Anna DickeyPlayer
Tim OakleyPlayer
Adrienne LynnPlayer
Simon HowePlayer
Jess WilsonPlayer
Sean WilsonPlayer
Georgina MurphyPlayer
Steve HillPlayer
Nicola SupykPlayer
Matt CusielPlayer
Tracey JonesPlayer
Carl Dawson Player
Tiffany McCrae-LennonPlayer
Richard ShepherdPlayer/Coach
Catriona HainesPlayer
Spike CrowtherPlayer
Caroline FaassPlayer
Johnny RodgersonPlayer
Vicky WardPlayer
Craig IggoPlayer
Helen KeastPlayer
Kerry Nitz (Auckland - ex draft)Player
Sarah HurringPlayer
Russell McKelvie (Hawkes Bay)Player
Veronica HayPlayer

Mel PattersonPlayer

Jo KiddPlayer

Richard MuntCoach

Lyn "Ruggie" SteeleManager

Womens 50's - Named

Mens 55's - Named
Claire Murray -  GKPPlayer
Euan CochranePlayer
Christine RaywardPlayer
Kulwant DenyaPlayer
Karlena KelliherPlayer
Tim DugganPlayer
Wendy FitzgeraldPlayer / Manager
Michael EptonPlayer
Jo MarshallPlayer
Rod FraserPlayer
Jenni AdamsPlayer
Kevin GainsfordPlayer
Sharon UtteridgePlayer
Peter HookerPlayer
Lisa CassidyPlayer
David McGregorPlayer
Jan McDonaldPlayer
Tim OakleyPlayer
Jennifer LoganPlayer
Michael RakowitzPlayer
Jude Sewell-MonodPlayer
George RidgenPlayer
Lou TroubridgePlayer
Graeme TeaguePlayer
Chris ErringtonPlayer
Mark WornerPlayer
Ngaire BakerPlayer
Gareth SollisPlayer
Ann-Marie ChamberlainPlayer
Phil TeaguePlayer
Carolyn TurnerPlayer
Janette Philp
Lee MuntCoach

Womens 55's - Named

Mens 60's - Named
Marian CrookbainPlayer
Robin WilsonPlayer / Coach
Pam ChapmanPlayer
Jonathan BierwirthPlayer
Jane JenkinsPlayer
Graham BelcherPlayer
Jill EmmersonPlayer
Tony HutchinsonPlayer
Jill HibbertPlayer
Wayne WilsonPlayer
Sue ShearerPlayer
Cliff FranklinPlayer
Gill KanePlayer
Ian HumePlayer
Sharon HardingPlayer
Martin PerryPlayer
Kerenza WheelerPlayer
Warwick ShillitoPlayer
Jane PorterPlayer
Andre ChappellPlayer
Lynne JansenPlayer
Brent ClappertonPlayer
Glenys BichanPlayer
Gary WilsonPlayer
Usha Ghanda-WilsonPlayer
Andrew LiddellPlayer
Brenda FlemingPlayer
Martin SinglePlayer
Joanne DodgePlayer / Manager
Dixon ChinPlayer
Anna MorganCoach
Kay RobertsonManager

Womens 60's - Named

Mens 65's - Named
Leanne KirkPlayer
Richard ThompsonPlayer
Linda KennyPlayer
Peter HendersonPlayer
Rhonda HendersonPlayer
Don Le PagePlayer
Robyn NeesonPlayer
Dick PettetPlayer
Rae de JouxPlayer
Steve HumePlayer
Pip WilsonPlayer
Grant OrpwoodPlayer
Janette FrancisPlayer
Richard BluettPlayer
Sue ShelswellPlayer
Martin HigginsPlayer
Robin Wilson GrayPlayer
Ian JacksonPlayer
Barbara WilsonPlayer
Geoff ChalklenPlayer
Wendy WaghornPlayer
David BalfourPlayer
Naomi WilsonPlayer
Malcolm BrownPlayer
Sue McNaughtonPlayer
Dave Mallinder
Paulene Nuku

Graham JacksonPlayer
Dick PettetCoach
Tim Crump
Ann Harper
Rhonda Henderson

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