Our Teams - Masters

Our Teams - Masters

The Canterbury Hockey Association has a strong community of hockey players who continue to enjoy playing competitive hockey beyond senior level. The cream of the crop represent Canterbury each March at the National Masters Tournament.

Canterbury sends a range of teams, in both the men's and women's competitions, across the age groups (35+ to 60+) to the National Masters Tournament.

2023 New Zealand Masters Tournament  

The 2023 New Zealand Masters Competition tournament will be in Tauranga from Sunday 26th February until Saturday the 4th March 2023.

At this stage, Canterbury Hockey will be entering teams in the following age groups:

Women: Over 35s, over 45s, over 50s, over 55s and over 60s.

Men: Over 40's, over 55s, over 60s, over 65s.

For information on the 2023 Masters Tournament, click here.

Congratulations to all who trialed or who were successful either making a team or squad.

Women's 35's

Tania Mann
Sarah O'Connell
Emma Trott
Morgan Perry
Carissa McGregor
Naomi Wells
Clarita Pichon-Riviere
Aimee Buhler
Morgan Samson
Lisa Watson
Katheryn Dill-Russell
Charlotte Hay
Katie Murchie
Nadia Wagener
Cindy Crew
Toni Dakers

Coach: Chris Errington
Manager: Cam Keoghan

Women's 45's

Claire Brocket
Anna Dickie
Kate Metherell
Georgina Murphy
Kerryn Malcolm
Emma Courtney
Virginia Hoyland
Chris Errington
Amanda Foster
Yvette Liddington
Rachelle Wilson
Jenny Watters
Jody Robinson
Jess Wilson
Kylie Woodham
Joanne Kidd

Coach: Howie Wilson
Manager: Caroline Faass

Women's 50's

Jenni Adams
Ngaire Baker 
Lisa Cassidy 
Veronica Hay 
Sarah Hurring 
Tracey Jones 
Helen Keast 
Karlena Kelliher 
Jen Logan 
Adrienne Lynn 
Tiffany McCrae-Lennon 
Jan McDonald 
Veronica Romagnoli  
Nicola Supyk 
Lou Trowbridge 
Carolyn Turner 

Coach: Leon Munt
Manager: Lyn Steele

Women's 55's

Anne Marie Dawson 
Jill Emerson 
Wendy Fitzgerald 
Mana Fleming 
Usha Ganda-Wilson 
Sharon Harding 
Jill Hibbert 
Lyn Jansen 
Gill Kane 
Jo Marshall 
Claire Murray (Goal Keeper) 
Jane Porter 
Chris Rayward 
Angela Reimer (Goal Keeper) 
Sue Shearer 
Judith Sewell-Monod 
Kerensa Wheeler 

Coach: Anna Morgan
Manager: Jo Dodge

Women's 60's

Linda Kenny
Robyn Neeson
Rae de Joux
Pip Wilson
Janette Francis
Robin Wilson Grey
Barb Wilson
Naomi Wilson
Wendy Waghorn
Shelley Perfect
Lee Orpwood
Sue McNaughton
Karen Rawley
Sue Shellswell

Coach: Dick Pettet
Manager: Robin Cox

Men's 40's

Jonathan Pooch
Aaron Ford
Howie Wilson
Rod Rzepecky
Richie Chynoweth
Sunjay Ganda
Andy Barlow
Cam Moore
Mark Paterson
Craig Ritani
Damian Eveleigh
Ben Chorley
Shane Maddaford (Player/Manager)
Craig George
Dave Smith

Coach: Rob Ecclestone

Men's 55's

Mike Rakowitz (Player/Coach)
Kevin Gainsford 
Paul Cook 
Graeme Teague
Darren Lobb
Rod Fraser
Glenn MacDonald
Sean Wilson
Richard Shepherd
Johnny Rodgerson
Craig Hardacre
Don Neale
Garth Sollis
Russell Grey
Tim Oakley

Manager: Janette Philp

Men's 60's

Jonathan Bierwirth
Daryl Foy (Player/Coach)
Euan Cochrane
Martin Perry
Tony Hutchins
Graham Belcher 
Cliff Franklin 
Andre Chappell 
Brent Clapperton 
Geoff Hayes
Wayne Wilson 
Jon Laurenson  
Andrew Liddle  
Dixon Chin 
Neil Jones

Manager: Kay Robertson

Men's 65's

Robin Wilson (Player/Coach)
Gary Walker
Steve Hume
Grant Orpwood
Richard Bluett
Martin Higgins
Ian Jackson
Malcolm Brown
Tim Crump
Richard Thompson
Dave Mallinder
Ian Hume
Eric Pennington
Stan Brehaut
Struan Hulme
Dick Pettet (Player/Manager)

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