Umpire Development

Umpire Development

Canterbury Hockey Umpire Development Overview

Canterbury Hockey has the vision of providing the right umpires, at the right level, at the right time. To achieve this vision a plan for 2021 has been compiled to give Canterbury Hockey umpires and the wider hockey community the best opportunity in understanding and being involved in the umpire community. The core beliefs of the umpire community have been developed to help guide decision making and represent the umpire community. These are:

We believe great umpires:

  • Understand the game
  • Ensure the game is Fun, Fair and Safe
  • Protect the integrity of sport
  • Are effective communicators
  • Are continuous learners

From these core beliefs the four cornerstones of a thriving umpire community are:

  • Grow
  • Develop
  • Retain 
  • Administer 

Identifying the above beliefs and cornerstones has helped Canterbury Hockey better define where resources need to be allocated and how the culture within the community can be built. 

Getting Started

It is easy to become a Canterbury Hockey Association (CHA) umpire. Anyone at any age can become an umpire and we have specifically outlined three key areas where it is easy to get involved. These are:

Umpire Kiwi Sticks

If you are year 7-10 at school and are new to umpiring the best place to start is contacting your club regarding umpiring our Kiwi Sticks junior grade. Kiwi Sticks hockey is played on a half sized field by year 5-6 athletes on a Saturday morning. Your club will be responsible for supplying umpires to their designated satellite venue and giving these umpires weekly support through umpire coaching and feedback. Visit the Canterbury Hockey website to find your clubs contact details.

Umpire Kwik Sticks, Platinum & Secondary School

If you are year 9-13 at school and want to be involved in umpiring this is the umpiring entry point for you! Canterbury Hockey take the lead from this point onwards in developing, appointing, and supporting umpires. In this age range you will umpire predominantly the Kwik Sticks (Year 7-8), Platinum (Year 9-13) and SSL/SSP (Secondary School Hockey). 

Umpires in these divisions are reimbursed for their appointments (see our reimbursement schedule on page 5 of this booklet) and get to join a community that includes merchandise, social events, and development opportunities to get you travelling locally and nationally to umpire. Contact: to be included in the Canterbury Hockey Umpire database and start your umpire journey.  

Umpiring Adult Hockey

The third key area to get involved in umpiring is as an adult. This could be to explore a new avenue of the game, to give back to the game, to support the game or to join a supportive community helping improve the experience of the game we all love. Depending on your ability and desire an adult can locally umpire Secondary School, Sunday Super League, Division 1, and our Canterbury Premier League. Beyond this national and international hockey is your next challenge. Becoming an umpire as an adult is easy by contacting Appropriate development, accreditations, coaching and community involvement are all accessible and provided by some of the best umpires in the country. Remuneration is a perk of the role and joining a community of like-minded people who you can socialize with at the turf are all added benefits of becoming an umpire as a adult.

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