Online Coaching Courses

Online Coaching Courses

Hockey NZ Online Coaching Course

All coaches are invited to register for and complete Hockey New Zealand's online coaching course. This online component is great for all coaches no matter how much experience you have. Based around developing a range of coaching skills and knowledge, this interactive platform provides you with coaching theory, extensive hockey specific content, practical resources and questions to test your understanding.

 All coaches will need to register online by following the instructions and selecting the appropriate module for the space you are coaching:

  • Fun Sticks and Mini Sticks coaches: Small Sticks 5-8
  • Kiwi Sticks and Kwik Sticks coaches: Small Sticks 9-12
  • Secondary school teams coaches: Youth
  • Premier secondary school teams and Open Grade coaches: Club 

Please also set your association to Canterbury in your profile settings.

Once you complete your final answer, it requires you to submit this to a ‘Tutor’. Please select Ben Owers as your tutor so that your answer can be assessed and feedback can be supplied.

To register for this online coaching course please CLICK HERE.

Sport Tutor - Sport Start Online Coaching Courses

A good way to start to learn about coaching is to complete the following interactive, introductory modules that are hosted on Sport NZ's Sport Tutor website:

  • Sportstart Coach - includes 'Getting Started in Coaching', 'Create Safe Sporting Environment'  and 'Thriving Under Fire'  
  • Coaching Safety Net - includes ideas on how to create a safe environment for the children, or adults, you coach.
  • Thriving Under Fire - includes four modules on skills to deal with passionate people, also known as angry parents, upset fans, confused club members etc.

To access each course, please click on the bold titles above. 

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