Coach Development Overview

Coach Development Overview

What is happening in 2021

Throughout 2021 Canterbury Hockey will provide three main development opportunities for coaches at all levels in the hockey community. The first is online coaching courses via Hockey New Zealand's online learning portal, which participants can complete anywhere, at any time and at no cost. 

For more information on this, please CLICK HERE

The second is through one of the following practical coaching workshops


SMALL STICKS 11 a-side



These workshops will be presented at various venues and times during the lead up to and throughout the early part of the season. All workshops are focused on guiding coaches through the fundamental coaching skills required at each level and will look slightly different depending on the groups knowledge/experience, interests and requests. 

For more information on our upcoming practical coaching workshops, please CLICK HERE

The third development opportunity is through Canterbury Hockey's coaching forums. Canterbury Hockey run a number of these throughout the year, with a range of presenters covering various topics which caters for junior, secondary/youth or open grade coaches. 

For more information on our coaching forums, please CLICK HERE

In addition to the above, Canterbury Hockey are also excited to partner with Hockey New Zealand to support the delivery of the first ‘Coaching of Introductory Players’ coach development program. This program fits into Hockey New Zealand’s brand-new national coach development framework and will provide participants with a nationally recognized accreditation.

For more information on this, please CLICK HERE.

What is a Canterbury Hockey Coach Endorsement?

Canterbury Hockey coach endorsements replace the accreditation system which has been delivered in the past. The purpose of the endorsement is to recognise coaches for their dedication and efforts to improve as coaches and remove the formal perception of an accreditation. The endorsement will be given to anyone who has completed both an online coaching course through Hockey New Zealand online learning portal and any Canterbury Hockey practical coaching workshop. Other coaching courses such as the FIH’s ‘Level One Coaching Course’ and Hockey New Zealand’s ‘Coach of Introductory Players’ are formally recognised programmes and participants will therefore be given their Canterbury Hockey Coaching Endorsement. All coaching endorsements will last for two years and they can be renewed at any time by participating in any Canterbury Hockey coach development opportunity (workshop, forum etc.) or an appropriate equivalent from an external provider (i.e. Hockey New Zealand, Sport Canterbury).

Canterbury Hockey's Coaching Circle (Coach Support Group)

Canterbury Hockey is pleased to continue its coaching support group called Canterbury Hockey's Coaching Circle. The aim of this group is to create a communication platform for coaches in Canterbury who are keen to further develop their coaching and stay in touch with what is happening in the local, national and international scene. This group will be supported through exposure to practical resources, coaching theory, game analysis and a platform to communicate with other coaches. 

The main form of communication will be through a private Facebook page. If you are interested in joining the Coaching Circle please CLICK HERE and request to join the Facebook page.

Coaching Resources

For a range of coaching resources please head to our Coaching Resources - CLICK HERE.

For more information or questions about Canterbury Hockey's coaching development courses and opportunities, please contact Ben Owers

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