Let's Keep It Positive campaign

Let's Keep It Positive campaign

'Let's Keep It Positive' 2021 campaign overview

Across our venues, we will be supporting Sport Canterbury’s ‘Let’s Keep it Positive’ campaign (LKIP) so we can collectively take a stand to help make our sport a place we all want to be.

This campaign is targeted at recognising the positive behaviour of players, coaches and our supporters (examples of this are listed further down). The hand icon represents both a ‘High Five – Step up. Keep it positive’ to recognise positive on- and off-the-field behaviour, as well as a visual reminder to ‘Take Five – Step back. Take time out’ when things are becoming/have become tense.

What are we doing?

Over the next few months on Saturdays, you will notice a presence of LKIP imagery and activity. Canterbury Hockey staff (wearing LKIP-branded t-shirts) will make an appearance at various times during the campaign to interact with spectators, coaches, players and umpires to reinforce the LKIP campaign message.

Additionally, two $25 Just Hockey vouchers will be given out to players displaying positive behaviours that can be counted as Outstanding Sportsmanship. We would like to thank the team at Canterbury Hockey for partnering with us to help Keep It Positive and to reward positive behaviour!

We will also hand out a coffee voucher to two supporters displaying positive behaviour as well.

All our winners will have their photo taken inside a giant LKIP-branded photo frame and these will be shared on social media.

What behaviours are we looking for?

  • Positive umpire support
  • supporting injured players
  • supporting upset players
  • thankfulness to coaches, supporters, umpires, players
  • embracing parent support
  • high fives
  • humbleness
  • camaraderie. 

Club LKIP roster

Saturday date




19 June

8.30 – 11.30am

CHA Staff

Nunweek Park

26 June

8.30 – 11.30am

Harewood and Avon

Nunweek Park

3 July

8.30 – 11.30am

Southern United Hockey Club

Ngā Puna Wai

17 July

8.30 – 11.30am


St Margarets

24 July

8.30 – 11.30am

Carlton Redcliffs

St Andrews

31 July

8.30 – 11.30am

HSOB-Burnside Hockey Club

Rangi Ruru

7 August

8.30 – 11.30am


Foster Park

14 August

8.30 – 11.30am

CHA Staff

Nunweek Park

Our 2021 winners

Saturday 19 June
Saturday 19 June: DK, our winner from the Rangiora Rebels team. DK was given a $25 Just Hockey NZ voucher to recognise her exceptional display of sportsmanship, supporting her team mates to give it there all and leave everything out on the turf, all whilst having an enjoyable time!

Amelia with her Junior Tigers team mates. Amelia was awarded the Positive Player award after she got a stick to the head and reacted professionally and calmly.
One of the parents enthusiastically encouraging the Malvern team from the sidelines on a chilly Christchurch morning!
Saturday 26 June

Yan received a Keep It Positive award and was able to grab himself a free hot coffee on a chilly Saturday morning.

Yan comes from a rugby background but has transitioned to become a hockey coach over the past few years and now works with three teams! He did a great job looking after his injured players, shaking hands with the other team and encouraging his players from the sideline during the game.
Saturday 26 June: One of the winners of a Just Hockey NZ voucher was Nikhil Jeram from Carlton Redcliffs. Nikhil was playing forward for his team and was incredibly supportive of his teammates around him when they scored or had good attempts at goal.

What stood out to the awarder about Nikhil was that on one occasion the Southern United goalkeeper made a great save and before going to collect the ball for his team's long corner he congratulated the opposition keeper — a display of positive behaviour for a kid of such a young age.
Scott Kyle, the coach of Nikhil's team, received a coffee voucher. Throughout the Carlton Redcliffs versus Southern United match, Scott was supportive of not only his own players but also the opposition. On several occasions, he congratulated opposition players for pieces of good skill.

Dax Nel played for the Hornby Kwik Sticks 7-a-side team against Marist at Nunweek and was awarded a Just Hockey NZ voucher.

Dax's coach said that, over the last few months, Dax has learnt the importance of communicating positively with his teammates and how this encourages them to play better and as a team. He was an awesome goalie, very confident and made sure he was encouraging his teammates.

3 July
Greta from Harewood Hockey Club was awarded a Just Hockey NZ voucher for displaying a strong team-focused spirit.Stella Cornelieus from Marist also received a Just Hockey NZ voucher for her efforts encouraging her teammates from inside the goalie box!

Christina (left), an enthusiastic sideline supporter of Avon St Michaels was given a coffee voucher. Here, she's standing next to Riley Chandler, a LKIP Promoter and Southern United Hockey Club Premier Player.

Riley Chandler with two supporters who kept it positive with their encouragement from the sideline!

The 11-a-side girls from the Harewood Hockey Club and the Southern United Hockey Club.The 11-a-side girls from the HSOB/Burnside Hockey Club.
The 11-a-side girls from the Waikirikiri Hockey Club.

The 11-a-side Southern United team.

Saturday 24 July

Some of the Marist Tigers join one of their team mate who received a Just Hockey voucher for encouraging the team on!

A Medbury supporter. As well as cheering on his son and the Medbury team he also clapped for the opposing team!
This lady was a great supporter of skilful hockey of both teams!


If there's something you'd like to know that's not listed here, email sam@canterburyhockey.org.nz.


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