The Cantebury Under 21 Teams attend the National Under 21 Tournament in May. These are regional teams that are picked from the five associations within the Cantebury region (Canterbury, Mid Canterbury, South Canterbury, West Coast and Malvern).

The 2017 U21 tournament format saw our teams play all the other teams in a round robin competition and the team with the most points at the end running out as the winner. Our U21 girls beat Central 8-2, North Harbour 3-2, Auckland 1-0, Southern 6-0 and Captial 5-0. But a loss to Midlands 3-1 on the second to last day meant that  the trophy headed north rather than south. So close. 

Our U21 men headed to Auckland with high hopes of repeating their 2016 performance and bringing home the trophy. Unfortunately they fell well short with losses to North Harbour, Capital, Auckland and Central, as well as a loss in a shootout to Midlands before securing their sole win of the tournament against Southern. 


2017 Women's U21 Team
2017 Men's U21 Team