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28 Mar 2019

CPL 2019

CPL 2019

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Team/Squad – Olivia Amey, Libby Bird, Alice Coll, Jackie Eden, Bella Forbes, Anna Girven, Aimee Hayward, Mikeely Jones, Gen Macilquham, Sarah McLaren, Alice Mullins, Nicole Radburnd, Bec Symes, Tor Symes, Lizzie Thomson, Sarah Walcott, Anna Weatherall

Management team – Ata de Goldi (coach)

New to the team 2019 – Anna Girven, Aimee Hayward, Gen Macilquham, Alice Mullins, Nicole Radburnd, Bec Symes, Tor Symes, Lizzie Thomson, Anna Weatherall.

Departed 2018 players – Gabby Morgan, Catherine Parata, Clari Pichon Riviere, Zoe Pullar, Sophie Radovonich, Amy Walcott, Abby Wilson

2018 ranking – 5th

New coach Ata de Goldi will be pushing her side to go one or two steps further than last year and get themselves into the top 4 in 2019. She has talked some old heads into coming back into the fold and will be looking for them to provide some leadership and no-nonsense attitude to the side. The Eels produces some excellent results last year but will be aiming for a more consistent season in 2019 in order to push for a top 4 spot.

Carlton Redcliffs

Team squad – Leah Butt, Anneka Calder, Anoushka Chiswell, Sophie Cocks, Aleisha Davis, Sian Fremaux, Ruby Hauschild, Roel Kuyvenhoven, Jenna-Rae McIntyre, Jacqui Moorfield, Kirsty Nation, Courtney Ross, Sarah Rutherford, Lydia Shirley, Nita Sullivan, Brittany Wang, Francesca Williamson, Kate Willis, Margot Willis

Management team – Sally Moorfield (coach), Shirley Haig (manager)

New to the team in 2019 – Anneka Calder, Aleisha Davis, Sian Fremaux, Roel Kuyvenhoven, Kirsty Nation, Sarah Rutherford, Lydia Shirley, Francesca Williamson

Departed 2018 players – Julia Chamberlain, Danielle Dore, Bridget Kiddle, Saasha Marsters (Marist), Gemma McCaw, Pippa McKinnel, Charlotte Symes

2018 ranking – 2nd

Coach Sally Moorfield has named a very strong team for the 2019 season. Despite losing 7 players from last year’s team Carlton Redcliffs have retained the bulk of their experienced players, while also adding to it by welcoming Kirsty Nation, back after an injury-ridden 2018, and Sarah Rutherford back into the side for 2019. 2018 Canterbury Cat Sian Fremaux joins Reddos from HSOB/Burnside, alongside some exciting young talent in Anneka Calder and Aleisha Davis. Lydia Shirley will kit up for the Canterbury U21 girls this year (swapping it for her Southern NHL gear) so will be a great asset for the Reddos, while Roel Kuyvenhoven will bring some European flair to the side. It looks like with this team The Bealey CPL may be Carlton Redcliffs to lose this year!


Team squad – Bella Ambrosius, Jessie Anderson, Kacie Austin, Millie Calder, Libby Collins, Jordy Grant, Charlotte Lee, Abby Lennon, Georgia Leslie, Kathryn Lobb, Thomasina Loeffen, Anne McKechnie, Georgie Mackay-Stewart, Molly Mackay-Stewart, Catherine Tinning, Kendall Vaughan, Brooke Young, Iona Young

Management team – Darren Lobb (coach), Chris Leslie (assistant coach), Joe Piggott (assistant coach), Tania Ambrosius (manager

New to the team in 2019 – Georgia Leslie, Kendall Vaughan

Departed 2018 players – none

2018 ranking – 1st

2018 CPL winners Harewood will be relatively unchanged in 2019. They welcome Auckland NHL player Kendal Vaughan into the side alongside up-an-coming talent Georgia Leslie. The Huntresses will miss the services of their most experienced player Jordy Grant for most of the season as she recovers from an injured achilles, but will be hoping to have her back come the business end of the season. Their start to the season may be a bit slow as injuries play their part but they still retain a strong squad that will be pushing to replicate last year’s form at the end of the season and bring home the trophy for the third year in a row.


Team squad – Kathryn Dill-Russell, Sian Goodall, Anna Harding, Ella Jamison, Nicole Machen, Georgia Mackay, Abbey Mitton, Steph Murphy, Morgan Perry, Eleanor Rosemergy, Kirsty Sclater, Rita Scott, Ruby Spencer, Millie Thompson, Biddy Tothill, Lucy Turner, Ngahuia Wilson

Management team – Sunjay Ganda (coach), Wendy Fitzgerald (assistant coach)

New to the team in 2019 – Sian Goodall, Anna Harding, Ella Jamison, Abbey Mitton, Eleanor Rosemergy, Rita Scott, Ruby Spencer, Biddy Tothill, Ngahuia Wilson

Departed 2018 players – Michaela Chan, Julie Doak, Camilee Keoghan, Tania Mann, Rachel Murphy, Annie Noakes, Sarah O’Connell, Sophie Spencer, Emily Wallace

2018 ranking – 7th

Coach Sunjay Ganda loses nine players from the team that finished with the wooden spoon in 2018. He will be looking to last year’s Canterbury U21 players Lucy Turner and Biddy Tothill, new to the side from HSOB/Burnside, to provide some leadership and direction to the relatively inexperienced team. With some solid ability all around the field master coach Sunjay will be sure to weave some of his magic in an attempt to give the ‘spoon’ to someone else this year.


Team squad – Sophie Calder, Hayley Cox, Ellie Duncan, Ruby Evans, Hannah Hill, Kodie Kutyn, Rachel McCann, Jordie Plunkett, Claudia Reid, Emma Sprat, Maree Stewart, Maddie Story, Caitlin Walker, Lisa Watson, Annabelle Wilson, Emily Wium

Management team – Alex Feustel (coach), Deidre Cumming (assistant coach)

New to the team in 2019 – Ellie Duncan, Ruby Evans, Kodie Kutyn, Caitlin Walker

Departed 2018 players – Bayley Anderson, Jess Deakins, Sian Fremaux (Carlton Redcliffs), Lucy Roberts, Lucy Simpson, Biddy Tothill (Hornby), Sophie White
2018 ranking – 3rd

HSOB/Burnside are without 7 of their regular players from the 2018 season this year. With goal-scoring wizard Rachel McCann away for the start of the season, coaches Alex Feustel and Deidre Cumming will be looking to 2018 Cats Hayley Cox, Maddie Story, Annabelle Wilson and Emily Wium to lead from the front. U21 triallists Ellie Duncan (Southern) and Ruby Evans (Midlands) join the team alongside Kodie Kutyn, who has swapped the baby blue for the blue and white, adding some more strike-power to their front line. The Babes will be aiming for the top spot this year after falling to Harewood in the semi-finals in 2018.


Team squad – Danielle Ackland, Emily Baker, Claire Bamford, Katie Baxter, Grace Curtis, Holly Gaskin, Ayla Goodwin-Lister, Jess Gunn, Caitlin Hughes, Claire Johnston, Saasha Marsters, Ella Morrison, Arabella Sheild, Pieta Surridge, Charlotte Worner, Maddie Wotton

Management team – George Connell (coach), Joe Batholomew (coach)

New to the team in 2019 – Grace Curtis, Claire Johnston, Saasha Marsters, Arabella Sheild

Departed 2018 players – Eleanor Carll, Meg James, Lauren Nimmo, Grace Richards

2018 ranking – 4th

After finishing 4th for the second straight year in 2018 the Mermaids will be desperate for a podium finish in 2019. Coaches George Connell and Joe Bartholomew have brought in a couple of imports from out of town, Claire Johnston (Auckland U18) and Arabella Sheild (Central NHL) to bolster their mid-field, while 2018 Cats goalkeeper Saasha Marsters gives them some real stability at the back. Marist will be looking to their 6 Canterbury U21 players (Danielle Ackland, Emily Baker, Claire Bamford, Saasha Marsters, Arabella Sheild, Maddie Wotton) to step up this year and provide the push to get them into medal contention.

Southern United

Team squad – Rebecca Adolph, Tessa Adolph, Natalie Austin, Nicole Cant, Georgina Fleming, Megan Hogarth, Lauren McMahon, Chloe Nicolson, Jaime Spencer, Hayley Stephens, Georgia Surie, Zoe Summers, Eveane Tuetue-Gray, Abbie Wilson, Ella Wilson

Management team – Ryan Wallace (coach), Suz Pearce (manager)

New to the team in 2019 – Natalie Austin, Nicole Cant, Georgina Fleming, Chloe Nicolson, Jaime Spencer, Hayley Stephens, Abbie Wilson, Ella Wilson

Departed 2018 players – Katerina Basova, Sian Goodall (Hornby), Annalise Jackson, Kodie Kutyn (HSOB/Burnside), Hannah Leckey, Jo Madeley, Neve Marshall, Jess Nicolson, Hannah Pearson

2018 ranking – 6th

With nine players missing from last year’s Southern Stars team coach Ryan Wallace has introduced some new faces into the fold. Natalie Austin, 2018 Capital NHL goalkeeper and now Canterbury U21 player, will give them some excellent leadership and ability from the back while Zoe Summers will once again need to provide plenty of experience and direction.


Harewood Hunters

Team: Richard Bain, Ryan Cocking, Hayden Cox, Matt Crake, Lawrence Darling, Garren Fyfe, Willy Hayde, Xavier Hey, Matt Ling, Thomas Mallon, Andrew Sherratt, Jono Spence, Morgan Taylor, Gus Wakeling

Management: Matt Ling - Coach

New to the team: Will Hayde (Returning)

Departed 2018 Players: Jayden Rakowitz, Brad Paterson, Hamish Findlay, Nick Findlay

2018 Ranking – 1st

The Harewood Hunters put forward a relatively unchanged side from 2018 for this year’s Premier League. Will Hayde is not so much new as he is returning, back to the clubs top side, after spending a year honing his craft in the Men’s Mid-Week Open. Notable omissions from the side’s team list include the Findlay brothers, Hamish and Nick, who have spent the last 6 months gallivanting around the vineyards of France. Whether they come back is yet to be confirmed. Player coach Matt Ling will be hoping this side can make it 3 in a row for the League’s top honours.


Hornby Vipers

Team: Micheal Cook, Will Duston, Fletcher Edmond, Jono Ellis, Sam Fitzgerald, Llewey Heale, Alex Lawry, Will Mace-Cochrane, Josh Mariu, Jayden Maugher, Jonty Naylor, Henry Phelps, Zin South, Oscar Story, Josh White, Simon Yorston

Management: Sunjay Ganda - Coach

New to the team: Micheal Cook, Josh Mariu, Jayden Maugher, Jonty Naylor, Henry Phelps (Returning), Josh White

Departed 2018 Players: Peter Clark, George Foster, Corey Paterson, Bryan Schofield, Ryan van Grinsven

2018 Ranking – 7th

The Hornby Vipers will be looking to start this year’s CPL competition the same way the finished it last year, with their first win of the season coming in the wooden spoon classification match in 2018. The side for 2019 sees a good core number of boys coming back from the 2018 season looking for more of those elusive wins, none of which Will-Mace Cochrane have been a part of. Llewey Heale is back for Vipers after disappearing part way through 2018, and he is looking as good as ever. Henry Phelps is another lad returning after a half season hiatus learning how to fly planes. Some say he flew himself back down just to play in the black and yellow.


Team: Warwick Allen, Louis Beckert, Cory Bruin, Thomas Coates, Jack Gilbert, Scott Gread, Oliver Hawker, Moss Jackson, Sanjay Kanji, Brad Knyvett, Tom Leov, Andrew Maclennan, Angus McGregor, Dylan Paterson, Dawson Payne, Felix Rolls, Guy Strawbridge, Fergus Vickers

Management: Andrew Brydon - Coach

New to the team: Cory Bruin, Thomas Coates, Oliver Hawker, Sanjay Kanji (Returning), Dylan Paterson (Returning), Dawson Payne, Fergus Vickers

Departed 2018 Players: James Bennett, Matthew Brydon, Scott Harris, Patrick Hughes, Matthew Lake, Pratik Thamboor

2018 Ranking – 6th

Old boys return to the 2019 season with a vengeance, after recording a record number of Draws in the 2018 season, Old boys will be looking to turn those D’s into W’s. Old boys have recruited just the right people to do so, with a mix of new faces and old heads coming back into the side. Veterans Sanjay Kanji and Dylan Paterson make their long awaited returns to the CPL competition, after taking a year off to find themselves in different parts of the world/country.



Team: Peter Anderson, Adam Cantillon, Oliver Cornelius, Jason Hursthouse, Arnie Lowe, Finn Mahon, Sam Mark, Samuel McClay, Oscar McLaren, Andrew McNaughtan, James Mortimer, Chris Reddiford, Bryce Smith, Amon van der Burg, Jay Williams, Will Zhou

Management: Tane Apanui – Head Coach, Craig Anderson – Assistant Coach, Chris Errington - Manager

New to the team: Adam Cantillon, Oliver Cornelius, Finn Mahon, Samuel McClay, Oscar McLaren (Returning), Jay Williams

Departed 2018 Players: Ben Epton, Joseph Kelly, Haydon McElligott, Hamish McKechnie, Ben Smith, Ben Trigg, Jordan van Riele

2018 Ranking – 8th

University are back for the 2019 season with a relatively similar side, and a handful of new players. New to the role, Head coach Tane Apanui will be hoping the students will be the fastest and fittest side in the competition. Old dogs Sam Mark and Bryce Smith will be taking the field for what seems like their 50th seasons now, whilst youngsters Sam McClay, Finn Mahon and Oliver Cornelius will be taking the field for the very first time come this weekend. Jay Williams will be returning to the competition this season donning the maroon and gold after a short stint in the warmer waters of Auckland.

Southern United Stingers

Team: Shaun Coles, Ryan Cosgrove, Cameron Douglas, Etienne Harrington Watt, Hugh Hendrickson, Carlos Kershaw, Callum McGregor, Ben Owers, Chez Parore, Aidan Perry, Liam Sharp, Gareth Stewart, Brad Shaw, Delane Treber, Ryan Wallace, Max Winter

Management: James Morris-Williamson – Coach, Marty Perry - Manager

New to the team: Carlos Kershaw (Returning), Aidan Perry, Ryan Wallace, Max Winter (Returning)

Departed 2018 Players: Angus Keast, Kevin O’Kane, Ben Rutherford, Ryan Smith

2018 Ranking – 4th

The Stingers have named a classic side for this year’s 2019 season. The all too familiar faces of Brad Shaw, Hugh Hendrickson and Gareth Stewart come together again at the back to form what is commonly known as an impenetrable wall. Skipper Ben Owers will no doubt be feeding pill to strike forwards Ryan Cosgrove and Ryan Wallace to put in the back of the net.

Marist Musketeers

Team: Benji Andrews, George Baker, Joe Bartholomew, Hayden Boyce, Nick Brazzle, George Connell, Lachlan Graham, Ben Grimshaw, Josh Meates, Joe Morrison, Scott Muir, Josh Murdoch, Jayden Rakowitz, Andrew Ross, Callum Slaven, James Whitehouse

Management: Josh Kumbaroff – Coach, Tony Grimshaw - Manager

New to the team: George Baker, Hayden Boyce, Jayden Rakowitz, Callum Slaven

Departed 2018 Players: Theo Beaumont, Ben Chorley, Sam Grimshaw, Rory McNay, Tim Schulpen, Richard Storey

2018 Ranking – 2nd

The Marist Musketeers come into the 2019 season looking to do one better than their previous year’s results. Returning from a short stint in Germany, Head coach Josh Kumbaroff will be hoping he’s learnt enough from those Europeans to be able to take the green machine to higher heights. The summer trade window has been good to the Musketeers, with both Jayden Rakowitz and Callum Slaven putting on the green to ply their trade.


Carlton Redcliffs

Team: Lucca Burley, Reuben Crawford, Willy Davidson, Mitchell Davis, Ed Enersen, Chris Goldsbury, Adam Hillis, Keeley Legge, Nick Lidstone, Lachlan Miller, Tom Mouldey, Oscar Nation, Tom Nicholls, Corey Paterson, Sean Poulsen, Trent Summers

Management: Jeremy Symonds – Coach, Sam Kumbaroff – Assistant Coach, Julian Newman - Manager

New to the team: Lucca Burley, Reuben Crawford, Lachlan Miller (Returning), Tom Nicholls, Corey Paterson

Departed 2018 Players: Lars Dalley, Vaughan England, Gabe Evans, Declan Keaney, Sam Kumbaroff

2018 Ranking – 3rd

Carlton Redcliffs have named what seems to be a championship winning side for the 2019 season. Skipper Chris Goldsbury cast a nation net during the off-season and this has paid off with Lucca Burley, Reuben Crawford and Tom Nicholls all signing up to provide their services for the Reddos boys. The summer trade window also saw the relocation of former Viper Corey Paterson into the 2019 Carlton Redcliffs side.



Team: Sam Armitage, Ari Barrow, Levi Barrow, Duncan Bridgeman, Rob Buhler, Willy Carter, Harrison Darling, Elliot Darling, Lewis Edmond, Ross Howard, James Kennedy, Jack Piggott, Joe Piggott, Tim Sheed, Adrian Smith, Tom Tremain

Management: Pete Darling – Coach, Craig Armitage – Coach

New to the team: Tim Sheed, James Kennedy

Departed 2018 Players: N/A

2018 Ranking – 5th

The bananas in pyjamas return to the 2019 season with the exact same side bar 2 newbies. Co-Coaches Pete Darling and Craig Armitage will look to wrangle this side into a better finishing position that previous years. CPL’s biggest back 4 are back again led by defensive strongman Ari Barrow. New to the side sees the arrival of Timaru lad Tim Sheed, who will no doubt be a handful in the midfield for other teams in the competition.



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