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28 Mar 2019

2019 season starts

2019 season starts

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Our Community continues to move forward after the horrors of Friday 15 March. The importance of sport in our healing cannot be under estimated and we are using the beginning of our season to acknowledge the tragedy, as described below. While it is true hockey has not been as directly impacted as many other sports, there is no doubt we all have huge empathy with our fellow sports and the general public. Over the last week we have received many messages of support from Hockey NZ, the other NZ Associations and even Australian Associations. In particular we acknowledge the fundraising and financial gift from North Harbour Hockey who have asked we look to support any of our community directly impacted by the event and its aftermath.

With our Winter Season only two days away, we have had challenges in preparing the draws (merging the Div2 and 3 grades and a number of late withdrawals/entries) while we have also had the reality of playing games at the four locations about our region. The Team has endeavoured to keep you updated and we appreciate the support as we work hard to have the whole season up on our website. You have all acknowledged this helps in the planning you can do across the whole season.

As we lead into the season, the main challenge we have been dealing with is delivering Nga Puna Wai to our community. We mentioned last week that we will be playing in a Hub where other sports and the general public will all be active – a great way to “sell” the attractions of hockey. We also noted the whole Hub is still a construction site and we have had issues with dirt on our turfs, which again is mentioned below. The big issue that is still a “Work-in-Progress” is the social space. The Hub Building was designed to be a social, community and hub administration space – however late last year thinking was raised that it might be modified to house the individual sports administrations. Mark (Beatson) and I attended a workshop this week where the sports were all supportive of making the social space a priority. However this will take time to action so the initial period of our season will not have a café/bar operating at Nga Puna Wai. It is disappointing given this was one of the drivers for combining our CPL and Div 1 competitions. We are confident we will have a quality social space eventually and that our clubs will still enjoy having their four CPL and Div 1 teams mostly playing at the same place and same afternoons.

BUT our season starts this weekend which is very exciting and I look forward to seeing you around the turfs - all seven of them, a far cry from the four that we had when I began at Canterbury Hockey.

Rod Templeton
Chief Executive

A moments silence

This weekend we will be holding a brief silence before each game to remember those who lost their lives in the terror attacks on March 15. We know most of you will have already participated in a silence, but we feel that it's important for us as a hockey community to show our respect. The umpires will co-ordinate this.

2019 Season information

With our senior competitions kicking off this weekend, there is plenty of information that players and team management need to be aware of, including game time management, club transfer forms, player safety etc.

Click here for Game time management information.

Click here for Player safety memo.

Click here for Club transfer form.

2019 Season Rules and Regulations

The Canterbury Hockey Competition Rules and Regulations 2019 have been tweaked slightly to cover all the competitions administered by Canterbury Hockey - including Senior, Grass, Secondary School, Junior, Masters and social hockey. All fixtures scheduled by Canterbury Hockey will adhere to these rules and regulations.

Please click here to read the updated document before taking the field this season.

The team, the coaches, their chances!

The Bealey CPL kicks off this weekend with the Harewood men taking on Hornby at 10.30am to start it all off! 

Who will grab the spoils this year? 
Can someone knock the Harewood teams off the top in 2019? 
How have all the teams changed in 2019?
Who is coaching who?

Click here for the 2019 preview.


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