Coach Development


What's happening in 2018

In 2018 Canterbury Hockey is looking to provide three main development opportunities for coaches at all levels in the hockey community.

The first is via Hockey New Zealand's online coaching course, which participants can complete anywhere, at any time and at no cost (please see below). 

The second is through one of the following practical coaching workshops: SMALL STICKS 6 a-side, SMALL STICKS 11 a-side or CLUB / SECONDARY. These courses will be presented at various venues and times from the beginning of the season. Hockey New Zealand's online course is a prerequisite to all these workshops. Once a coach has completed both the online coaching course and a practical workshop, they will be recognized by Canterbury Hockey as an 'accredited coach' for two years. Please note, there is a small cost of $25.00 associated with attending one of these workshops. Make sure you ask your club or school first though, as they may be in a position to help out. For more information on our upcoming practical coaching workshops, please CLICK HERE

The third coach development opportunity is attending one of Canterbury Hockey's coaching forums. Canterbury Hockey intend to run a number of these throughout the year, with forums targeting either Junior or Secondary / Open grade coaches. These forums are available for coaches and will feature a range of presenters as well as plenty of opportunity for general discussion with other coaches attending. Each forum will count towards your coaching accreditation (see below). There will be no cost for coaches to attended a forum. 

Online Coaching Course:

All coaches are invited to register for and complete Hockey New Zealand's online coaching course. For more information, please CLICK HERE

What's a Canterbury Hockey Accredited Coach?

Canterbury Hockey accredit coaches (and their clubs) who have completed both the online coaching course and a practical coaching workshop. A coaching accreditation last for two years, but can be renewed by participating in any Canterbury Hockey coach development opportunity or the equivalent from an external sporting provider (Sport Canterbury etc.). Becoming an accredited coach not only shows your dedication to help develop both your coaching skill set and your athletes but also your club who have set targets around coach education linked into their yearly goals with Canterbury Hockey. 

Canterbury Hockey's Coaching Circle (Coach Support Group):

Canterbury Hockey is pleased to continue its coaching support group called 'Canterbury Hockey's Coaching Circle'. The aim of this group is to create a community for coaches in Canterbury who are keen to improve and take their coaching to the next level. This group will be supported through exposure to practical resources, coaching theory, any relevant coaching content and a platform to communicate with other coaches in the group. The main form of communication will be through a private Facebook group and email.

The purpose of this group is to provide coaches with a platform to exchange ideas and resources as well as receive updates from Canterbury Hockey.  Overall this group will be given the opportunity to develop further as coaches and increase the communication between themselves and Canterbury Hockey.

If you are interested in joining the 'Circle' please follow this link and register online:

Coaching Resources:

Please CLICK HERE for Canterbury Hockey junior coaching guidelines resource.

Please CLICK HERE for Hockey NZ's drills and downloads page.

For more information or questions about Canterbury Hockey's coaching development courses and opportunities, please email: