Athlete Development


The Canterbury Hockey Association aims to offer a wide range of development opportunities to young athletes in the hockey community. Various programmes are run throughout the year to give everyone the chance to be involved and work on their game. All programmes are delivered by knowledgeable coaches from both coaching and playing backgrounds to give our athletes the chance to learn from the best.

Our development programmes will be undergoing a slight change for the 2019 year. With the need to reduce confusion and further align our two junior/youth development programmes (Hockey Accelerators & Advanced Skills Program), all programmes for 2019 will run under the name of Hockey Accelerators, with tiers for each programme being explained below.

'Hockey Accelerators: Foundation Programme' is the first of two programmes that Canterbury Hockey will be offering. The Foundation Programme will cater for all athletes between the ages of Year 5 – Year 13. This programme is great for athletes of all skill abilities, whether you are a newcomer to the sport, or you are an experienced representative player. 

The Foundation Programme will run 3 times during the year with a Pre-season programme, a Mid-season camp, and a Post-season programme. All Foundation Programmes look to focus on the following principles:

·         Basic skill development

·         Max touches/repetitions

·         Basic positional play

·         General tactical concepts

For more information on any upcoming programmes, please click HERE

'Hockey Accelerators: Advanced Programme' is the second programme that Canterbury Hockey will be offering in 2019. This programme aligns with each respective representative age group trial throughout the year (U13, U15 & U18). The programme will focus on developing skills and knowledge in which the representative coaches believe that specific age group needs to work on. Entry into the program will not be limited, but it is recommended that athletes registering for the programme, should have a few years’ experience under their belts, and have already developed a good basic skill set.

All Advanced Programmes will look to focus on the following principles:

·         Basic skill extension

·         Targeted representative skills

·         ‘Advanced’ tactics

·         Transition play

For more information on any upcoming programmes, please click HERE