Hockey Accelerators: Advanced Programme

Hockey Accelerators - U13 Advanced Programme

Hockey Accelerators - U13 Advanced Programme is a camp designed to give young, up and coming Year 7 & 8 players the opportunity to learn a wide range of hockey knowledge to support their development on and off the field. This programme is designed for more experienced athletes, and anyone considering signing up for the programme must be playing in their club/school's top 11 eleven aside team. (Please get in touch if you have any questions about this.)

During the course of this camp, athletes will be involved in practical hockey sessions covering skill development and tactical understanding, as well as classroom based sessions which cover general fitness concepts, health and wellbeing, and basic nutrition. On top of all of this learning, individuals will be catered for to coincide with the nutrition content and a mini tournament will be played to link everything together and create an enjoyable experience to finish the programme.  

The price per child is $100.00, this covers coaching from experienced top level coaches/players, catering and a Hockey Accelerators take home resource.

Please note, there is specialised training included for goalkeepers.

The camp will be held on Thursday the 11th and Friday the 12th of July at Nunweek Park, with children required to arrive at 9:00am and to be picked up at 3pm.

Participants will need to provide their hockey gear including a stick, shin pads, mouth guards, appropriate clothing to train in and drinks bottles.

All up this camp is a great opportunity for young athletes to learn from experienced players/coaches about all things hockey, as well as enjoying some group based activities and learning during their July Holiday break.

Please note: As Hockey Accelerators Under 13 Advanced Programme and Mid-Season Foundation Programme are both available to year 7 & 8's, it is recommended that you only take part in one or the other and not both.

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For further questions please contact:
Will Zhou
Community Hockey Officer
03 360 3019